Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Athena Patient Portal enrollment must be completed using the link provided by the practice. Please contact the clinic to obtain access to the patient portal by calling 214-964-0270.
Please contact directly for assistance 214-964-0270.
Online bill pay is only offered through Athena patient portal.
Athena patient portal users can view statements for dependants linked to their portal account.
Please contact our billing office by calling 469-676-0769.
FHCA communicates electronically with patients using Athena patient portal.
Call 469-676-0769 and choose the extension of the insurance that you have or press 0 for the operator.
You may have a deductible that hasn’t been met, therefore your insurance makes you responsible for the balance.
Yes, be sure to put the account numbers you wish to pay on your check or the receptionist taking your payment
Our physicians provide the best care for our patients and will bill for the services they provide. If you still feel your balance or information is incorrect, please call our billing office to further assist you with your questions.