Our Patient Portal

Signing up is easy

1. Go to our Patient Portal: https://28396-1.portal.athenahealth.com/

2. Click “Sign up today” to create a new account. Please note that some communications may allow patients to skip steps 2-4 and go right to creating their password.

3. Enter your name, date of birth, and contact information.

4. We will send you a temporary passcode by email, call, or text. Enter the temporary passcode and click “Continue”. This may take to 72 hours to receive.

5. If you are a new patient, select your provider and location. Existing patients can proceed to step 6.

6. Create your new password. Your password should be 8-20 characters and include at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter and at least one number or symbol.

7 . Bookmark the patient portal login page for easy access.

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This secured system operates by a password protected log-in that you receive upon registering for the service. Only you will have access to your information.