Dr. Christopher Parlee

About Me:

Married to my wife, Ose Parlee since 2014.  Have 2 (Madeleine 6 and Jacob 4) children.


Golf, cycling, traveling.

Community Involvement:

Street Medicine at JPS

Active Member at church


“What opioid in pregnancy produces the least risk for NAS after birth”

Evidence-Based Practice: October 2020- Volume 23- Issue 10 – p 16-17

What is happening in field/practice that excite you?

That there are so many good oral medications for type II diabetes and we are able to help avoid people starting insulin.

We have multiple super effective vaccines that are helping to end a global pandemic.

What is most important to you in treating your patients?

Getting buy-in from patients and having them take ownership of their health.  I can only give recommendations and information, but ultimately it is best when we work together toward health goals as a team. We each have important roles to play, but only as a team can we achieve the best possible care and health outcomes.  Obviously, it takes time to develop a trusting relationship and that is one of the more enjoyable aspects of medicine- the relationship building.

Why did you become a doctor?  When did I first know?

I became a doctor because I wanted a vocation and not a career.  I wanted to find something that I could do for the rest of my life and not feel the need to retire.  There are so many ways to improve people’s lives through medicine and I want to be a small part of that.  The trust that people put in physicians is humbling and I love the relationship building.  I first knew I wanted to be a doctor at a young age- grade school when I took an elementary physiology class.

What would you most like your patients to understand?

I might not have all the answers right away, but I will search, read and learn if necessary to help them.  Medicine is a never ending learning experience and I will continue to learn as I go and improve.

I feel most connected to my patients when…

We see each other on a (relatively) regular basis.  I love the relationship building aspect of medicine and this takes time.  I know that my patients may not always be completely open or trusting, especially at first with a new (to them) doctor, but I am most connected when we can be completely open and honest with each other.

Degree: MD
Location: Allen Clinic
Specialty: Family Medicine
Languages: English
Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit Michigan, 2018
Year Joined FHCA
Board Certification
American Academy of Family Physicians; American Medical Association

Hospital Affiliation

Resident Physician John Peter Smith Hospital 2018-2021

John Peter Smith Hospital, Fort Worth, TX