Tanita Butler

About Me:

I have been Married over 20 years to a retired US Navy Veteran and we have 2 children, a daughter and a son.

In my free time I like to read Christian Fiction novels, watch super hero movies with my family and walk my German Shepherd puppy Chief.

What do you think about...
How to make the world a more patient, loving, and kind place. How to
change Healthcare to be focused on quality care that is both equitable and
patient-centered .

What is happening in your practice or field that excites you? The medical
field is constantly evolving, which means there is always something new to
learn. Learning new things excites me.

What is most important to you in treating your patients? To provide quality
patient-centered holistic care in an equitable manner.

Why did you become a provider? When did you first know?
I felt called to Healthcare and see it as a ministry. I knew I wanted to be in
Healthcare in elementary school and I knew I wanted to be a nurse in high
school. I decided to specialize in Family after beginning my nursing career.

What would you most like for your patients to understand? Ultimately, my
goal is to make a positive impact on my patients’ lives, fostering their
overall health and well-being, and empowering them to be informed, and
actively involved in their own healthcare, leading to improved health
outcomes and an enhanced quality of life.

What is the most rewarding aspect of you role as a provider? The
opportunity to meet people at the point of their need and positively impact
the lives of my patients. Being able to make a difference for the better in
someone’s health and well-being brings immense satisfaction and

I feel most connected to my patients when...
I feel a strong connection when I can provide patient-centered care and meet patients at the point of their need. Whether it’s offering comfort, reassurance, or simply being a
compassionate presence, being there for my patients in their moments of vulnerability
strengthens our bond.

Specialty: Nurse Practitioner
Languages: English
Medical School: University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, 2018 and 2020
Year Joined FHCA
Board Certification
Emily’s Medical Group APC