Did You Know We’ve Expanded Our Patient Support Network to Better Serve You? 

At times, we all face obstacles outside of the doctor’s office that can affect our health. That’s why we decided to partner with Catalyst Health Group last year to enhance how we deliver healthcare to you. Now Family Healthcare Associates offers even more services that will improve your healthcare experience—and the best part is they will not cost you anything.  

  1. Are your prescription medications too expensive? 

If you, or a loved one, is having trouble paying for their medications, let us know and our Pharmacists will work with you to get discounts on your prescriptions. 

  1. Are you, or a loved one, having food insecurity?  

We’ve got you. If you are unable to afford groceries, let us know and we will help you get discounts on the nutritious food you need to stay healthy. 

  1. Are you recently out of the hospital and struggling with your rehabilitation?  

Our team of Social Workers and Care Managers are available to check in with any patients who may be sick, or recently been released from the hospital. They offer added support to our doctors by talking to patients about why it’s important to schedule follow-up appointments, follow through with their rehab schedule, and continue to take their medications. For patients not well enough to visit an office, our Care Managers will also contact you via phone and provide the medical care, therapy, and support you need to get back on your feet. 

  1. Having trouble finding transportation to the doctor’s office? 

We know some of our patients live in areas that don’t have easy access to one of our clinics, so let us know if you are having an issue getting here, and we will help you get transportation you need to make your appointments. 

  1. Confused about the new medications you’ve been prescribed?  

Our team of Pharmacists now do more than just fill prescriptions. They will talk to you about how your medications interact with one another to ensure you’re taking them safely. They’ll also explain to our older patients why it’s important to take their medications in a timely manner.  

We Know Your Health Doesn’t Work On A Schedule 

That’s why we’ve brought on more Nurse Practitioners to make us even more available to you. If you hurt your foot at 10pm on a Saturday, you don’t have to hobble around town looking for a doctor to give you an X-ray. You can come to one of our offices 7 days a week, and get the immediate care you need.  

To learn more about Family Healthcare Associates’ new expanded patient support network, speak to your doctor about the new services we offer, which will improve your health.