The physicians at Family HealthCare Associates/Catalyst Physician Group are an integral part of
our family. That is why we want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on one of our physicians
allowing you to see the person behind the lab coat. This week, we introduce Dr. Dunbar, one of
our newer Doctors in our SW Green Oaks office, for a closer look.

Getting To Know Our Family of Doctors

I am a native of Detroit, Michigan, with a captivating journey that has helped shape me into a
dedicated physician. I initially pursued a career as a cable installer before a strong calling drew
me back to school at the University of Michigan and to my chosen field of study, medicine. It
was in 2009 that I made the pivotal decision to refocus my career toward helping others, setting
me on a path that led me to join Family HealthCare Associates/Catalyst Group.

My educational journey took me to medical school at Oakland University William Beaumont
School of Medicine, where I immersed myself in mastering the intricacies of medicine. The
commitment to patient care that has defined my career was evident during my residency at Texas
Tech University Health Science Center in Lubbock, where I refined my skills before making my
way to Abilene and eventually settling in the vibrant medical landscape of the Dallas-Fort Worth
area. Throughout my practice, I have always prioritized a patient-focused approach, valued
individualized care, and listened to the needs of those under my care.

Embracing the Texan spirit, I have found a deep appreciation for the rich culture of the Dallas-
Fort Worth area, particularly enjoying the diverse culinary offerings and the warm hospitality of
the people. In the heart of DFW, I have found a new home where I can continue to serve my
patients with dedication and compassion, embodying the belief that no one loves their state more
than Texans. In my spare time I have a variety of hobbies I enjoy such as birdwatching,
exercising, home improvement projects, dancing, and traveling.